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    Villa Dušati
    Your ideal vacation.
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    Swimming pool on offer
    To relax and refresh our guests have a pool of 50 m².
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    It’s a wonderful experience
    Enjoy the view over the sea and islands.

Accommodation in Istria

The Villa of family Dusati is located on an ideal position from where you can find view on blueness of Kvarner bay and on neighboring islands Cres and Lošinj.
It offers the rest in the apartments near the sea imbued with nature and silence. It will satisfy all your needs of ideal holiday with its numerous specific qualities.


Info - Enter Croatia Procedure in case of suspected COVID-19 disease [Latest update: June 26, 2020] Procedure should there be suspicion that a guest in an accommodation facility has COVID-19 disease –FOR GUEST - 1. Stay inside the accommodation unit. 2. Notify the manageror authorised person of the accommodation unit by phone about the disease. 3. If it is not possible to contact the accommodation unit manager, call a doctor on the Call Centrephone number at Istrian Health Centres IDZ - phone: +385 95 3256006 - FOR THE MANAGEROR AUTHORISED PERSON- 1. Inform a competent doctor on the Call Centre telephone numberat Istrian Health Centres IDZ - phone: +385 95 3256006 2. Inform the guest to stay inside the accommodation unit until a medical examination has been carried out and until further instructions have been received. 3. Provide the guest with a protective mask and tissues. 4. While awaiting COVID-19 test results, inform the guest about the possibility of a contactless delivery of ready meals. 5. Inform the guest that while awaiting the COVID-19 test results, he/she should maintain the hygiene of the room. 6. Designate one person to communicate with the guest, without entering the accommodation unit. This person should be informed of the mandatory wearing of a protective mask and protective gloves and should maintain physical distance with the infected unit. 7. Following the use of protective equipment (masks, gloves), dispose of them in a waste bin with a lid in which two plastic waste bags are placed, and then wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly. 8. Inform any contacts the guest might have had of the presumed COVID-19 infection and instruct them to remain within the accommodation unit until the test findings are known. 9. Should the guest receive apositive COVID-19 test result, a competent doctor (mob. + 385 95 3256006) together with an epidemiologist (mob. + 385 99 5294455) will decide on further treatment. 10. Once the positive COVID-19 guest has left the accommodation facility, it must be decontaminated by the Institute of Public Health of the Istrian County (mob. + 385 98 9825684). Civil Protection Headquarters of the Region of Istria

There is something new in our offer

There is a pool of 50 m² on one elevated part where you can refresh and have a swim and when you get tired of swimming you relax by using on the chairs and enjoy the sunbathing.

Pool is available from 8:00 to 20:00 h.
10 x 5m




Sun chairs
Swimming pool

Accommodation offer

There are two houses with the parking area and fence around the property. Inside of each house there are two apartments for rent with parking place for each apartment.

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Wireless high-speed internet access        Terrace with a fireplace grill        Washing machine and Dishwasher        Air conditioning

Relax and Experience

Istria is the largest peninsula in Croatia and is one of the country's most visited destinations. Istria is located in the north-east of the country and its excellent roadway links make it easily accessible to visitors from all over Europe. Istria offers numerous possibilities from its characteristic gastronomy, visiting its breathtaking natural and cultural sights, sports activities for those who seek an active holiday.

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Istria is known for its gastronomy and culinary experiences.

Istria is known for its gastronomy and culinary experiences.

Take a walk along the magical paths of the rich and turbulent past.

Take a walk along the magical paths of the rich and turbulent past.

Where we are

Ravni is a small tourist place situated on the east coast of Istria in Croatia. During winter there are about twenty families who are mostly occupied with fishing and growing of olives which are traditional preoccupation of the people who live there. This small charming place has become favorite destination of the tourist and holiday makers who spend summers there and of those who want to find relaxation in a harmony with nature.

The Mediterranean climate is especially mild in this part of the country. Even in summer the place and its beautiful main beach aren't crowded with the tourists. Ravni is the jewel with many small hidden beaches and bays and coves so if you would like to go swimming and sunbathing alone you can easy find some perfect place hidden of someone's view or noise coming from the main beach.