Villa Dušati

About Us

Except of modern furnished apartments with a view of the sea, the Villa Dusati is completed with lush Mediterranean park where the luxurious palm trees and luxuriant flowers grow.
It is right place where you can enjoy a taste of indigenous Istrian Wine and brandy and to feel the elixir of life in the paradise by the sea. Love, ambition and enthusiasm of the family Dusati were brought to the results on the Festival of Istrian wine. We received golden, silver and bronze medal for the "queen of Istrian Wines-Malvazija"–Malmsey.

You will find here chardonnay, merlot and sickly sweet dessert wine muscatel. The genuine domestic brandy in combination of plants, fruits and honey prepared by the Dusatis doesn’t lag after wine.

From the past till today just a domestic brandy has been given as a welcome and it is believed it’s a medicine. The hosts offer the possibility of tasting and buying of their domestic products.